Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gay Bingo is interesting, but…

The Neff's live on!

No, I didn't get struck by lightning. Nor hit by a cement truck. Nor did any brown spider bite me. I've just been living the crazy hectic life I live!!

As of date:

  • Kitchen. Finished.
  • Basement. Begun.
  • Back yard. Errr, getting there…
  • Kids Alive. Check.


B-E-A-UTIFUL. Yes, I did just say that. We actually enjoy sitting in our kitchen for meals, and are beginning the ritual of making the kitchen the gathering place. I don't know how I feel about this just yet. I'll get back to you.


Funny story. Well, actually, scary story. Turns out the previous owners had some sort of heroin/meth addict living in our basement. We found several dozens of used needles, and plastic bags with white substance on them. I insisted we call the police, but Brett said, "Nay, I'll just put the needles in this here styrophome, take it to the dump, and all will be well."

Sometimes you just have to let the man be the one in charge. And then hold it over his head for the next thirty years. I love being a woman.


Cohen is a stud swimmer, can I just brag for a moment? He's a stud swimmer. He's also awesome at his Tumbling class, which, sadly, ends next week. But I think we're gonna go for another round! And, thank heavens; he didn't inherit his father's total lack of skill at sports. Or his mothers. He's his own man. Kid rocks at soccer.


Beauty and sass all wrapped up in one. Scarlett O'Hara anyone?


Stud. Enough said.


Life consists of: Cohen, Kembry, Brett, Kembry, Cohen, cleaning, basement, yard, Cohen, Kembry. And every here and again I get to bathe. Here and again, I write. Like now; this is about how often.

That is all. Talking to Mother-in-law now.

Kelly Out

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