All About Me

Neff Family, 2012

My name is Kelly.  I met my husband in October of '02 and married him in '03, cause when ya know, ya know.  Ya know?  Two short years later we were blessed with a red-headed angel, Cohen.  13 months later Kembry came along, and Cohen couldn't have asked for a better best friend.  To spice things up, we welcomed sweet and sour Chloe in August of '10 followed EXACTLY two years later by our little Mr. Kian.

Adventure called and we picked up and moved to Mesa, Arizona in 2011.  Now, when it rains, we put on our swimsuits and play in it.  Cause that's what you do here in Arizona!

Brett plays the guitar, I struggle with the piano, and the kids sing to their own beat. Life rocks in our little world!

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