Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Orginization Baby, Yeah...

I asked my good friend Melanie the other day if she could come over and organize my house in the same manner that her's was organized. If anyone knows Mel, she's VERY organized, and I love it. She said, "Sure. If you're willing to spend about $150 in organizing bins etc." I thought, WOW, that's a lot. But it's so true. Brett and I got a headstart. I need to clean and organize before I let her come over and help me clean and organize! Haha. We spent $40, and that was just to store "properly" all of Cohen and Kembry's old clothes. 3 Bins, two boxes of XL Zip Lock Bags, and a 2 L of coke for sanity. But already I'm feeling better, lighter almost. So if anyone has any organization suggestions, let me know. I need all the help I can get!

Even in his absence, his calling is fulfilled...

I wonder if people around the world know of what manner of man President Hinkcley was. He was Isaac, he was Moses, he was Paul, he was a prophet of God. He was a leader of Heavenly Fathers church in the last dispensation. Many people see a wonderful man dying, a leader of a growing church, a mortal man, just like everyone else. They dont' see a seer, a revelator, a beacon, leaving this world. I hope everyone who has a testimony of the gospel takes this opportunity to help people understand who it is that we've lost, and through him what we've gained.
What a wonderful and amazing man. His passing has brought the Church even more into view for so many people searching for Gods love. I have been blessed with many opportunities to talk about President Hinkcley, and each time these talks have led to sharing my testimony. Even in death, his mission of spreading the word of God is fulfilled. I'm grateful for all his love. For his strength in guiding us. What a marvelous reunion it must have been for him to return home. So many people say, "Oh, it's so sad." But it's a wonderful thing. We'll miss his wit, his love, his laugh, his charm, his testimony. But we know that death is not the end. What a happy day for him to return to his wife and loved ones, his friends, his Saviour. Thank you President Hinkcley, for being the man that led Heavenly Father's church.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Learning to Play the Piano: The Sequel

Well, after a week of NOT playing the piano, I wasn't any rustier than I had already been. I am, however, learning the notes better; but don't expect to be invited to a recital any time soon. I can read them pretty fluidly now, and can transfer them to my fingers for the most part. I've been playing princess songs, and the kids love it. But Cohen keeps reminding me "not to sing." Unless, of course, it's a song he picks, then we have to sing it a million times. I know the "ABC's" frontwards and backwards now! Haha. Any helpful hints, don't hesitate to let me know!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Learning to Play the Piano

Our neighbors, the Caldwells, gave us their very old player piano. At first, it was tough having the huge new piece of furniture taking up an entire wall and blocking our walk space in our living room. But then I got to start playing it, and although it's out of tune, needs new strings, and some of the key's don't work at all, I could feel immediately a different spirit in the house. I learned how to play some of Cohen's favorite nursery songs, like "Give said the Little Stream", "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes", and some of my favorites and it's been so much fun having music in our home. Not to mention that Cohen and Kembry absolutely love to play on the keys, and Cohen will say, "C,D,E,F,G" just like his mommy does (I still struggle with which notes are which, so I practice them everyday, repeating the notes over and over as I hit the key). I can already see a love of music being born in my kids.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ward Christmas Party

We had our Ward Christmas Party December 14th, and it FLIPPIN ROCKED THE HOUSE! We were planning on 80 or so, and got about 140, or so. It was awesome. Every family got to make a ginger bread house (thanks you Tanya, Carol and Jennifer for your help in making and assembling those houses, you guys rock!) The kids loved it, and everyone said it was one of the best parties in awhile.

The coolest part though happened during the 15 minutes or so I was in the kitchen. I walked back into the gymnasium to find all the tables and chairs had been put away, and the floors had been swept. What an amazing organization. The Church is like a giant ant farm. What a wonderful feeling to know that if you fall, you have a ward full of members who love you and who will catch you and lift you back up. Thanks to everyone who helped. It was a huge success!


Christmas was so much fun this year. As usual, we traveled to the four corners of Utah, vising ALL THE FAMILY. Unfortunately, daddy couldn't join us, he had a horrible sinus infection and he missed Christmas for the first time in 27 years (excluding his mission).

Cohen got a new choo choo train that he absolutely loves. Thank you Grandma Sandi and Papa Up The Hill for the tracks and trains, they're a great baby sitter. Kembry got a baby doll with a stroller, which she loves. Social Services is considering taking her away however, as she has been thrown down the stairs several times.

Brett finally got his iPOD docking station, which he has been trying to buy for himself since Thanksgiving. (Who buys stuff for themselves during the seasons? I mean really?!) And I got my most favorite thing in the world, BOOKS! I've already read two, "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe" and "Something Wicked This Way Comes", both classics, and I loved both of them. Especially Fried Green Tomatoes, which made me cry several times. Brett and I also got an all expenses paid one week trip to Mexico! Woo Hoo! We're leaving in nine days. Goodbye America!!

My favorite part of the whole season was Cohen finding all the baby Jesus's and pointing them out. "Oh look mommy, a baby Jesus!" is this years Christmas Motto. He really kept the spirit of Christmas for us.

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