Kiddie Blips

My kids are the most hilarious, adorable kids in the universe.  If you disagree, we can fight it out in a pile of mud.

"Stop yelling in my voice!"
"I just farted bubbles in my mouth."

(Note: It's very hard to capture Cohen's 'blips' in qoutations.  The kid is all about attitude, looks, and dimples.  He says some hilarious stuff, but it's all in context.)

Cohen has this little ring I had when I was little. I don't even know where he found it. Anyway, yesterday Brett grabbed it from the car and said, "Cohen, here's your ring of power!" in a fun, mystic voice.

Cohen glared at him, snatched the ring, and said, "It's not a ring of power. It's a ring of love."
Cohen has these Batman sunglasses that are really cool, I wish I had some. He wears them everywhere, even church. On Saturday, I was laying on Kembry and calling her my squishy pillow. Cohen, facing away from me, turned just his head, lowered his sunglasses so I could see his eyes, flashed his dimples and said, "Do you want me to be your blanket?"

Cohen talks smack when playing video games.  Considering Brett and I are the least competitive people you'll ever meet (read 'lazy') we don't know where he learned this.  But it's hilarious:

"Mom, you need to go faster and stop falling off the walls."
"I'm beating you!  I'm beating you! MOM!  Why did you pass me?  I wanted to win!!"

"When you have the baby, you'll be thin again!"

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