Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How do I explain...

What's going on in this picture?

How do I explain?
Would you believe "Lucille Ball was awakened from her grave?"
No? Fine.

It was Gay Bingo! Every month, these hilarious, fabulously gay men hold a bingo party to raise money for different groups. Last month it was held for Lupus. They had an all-time record of 259 people.

After the game I asked Brett if he was uncomfortable. He made an uncharacteristically few amount of jokes the whole evening, especially considering the material that was right before his eyes.
He said, "Yeah, a little bit."
So I said, "Why, because we're LDS?"
And he said, shocked, "No! Because I'm a straight man!"
I love my husband.

Oh, and if you're wondering "Did Kelly manage to embarrass herself the whole evening?" The answer, of course, is a resounding YES!
After I parked the car and was walking in, I called Brett to let him know which side I was coming in. Walking behind a fabulously dressed man in a Las Vegas Show Girl costume, I said
"Hey honey, I'm coming in the back way."
The man turned and glared at me. The only thing I could think to say was,
"No pun intended!"
He laughed, and I peed my pants, and the night went on with even more blunders on my part.
Anyway, what a huge success. It was very touching to see Annette, whose little Olivia suffers from Lupus, do the addition, and then to see the tears that formed in her eyes. To see all of those people there, supporting a good cause, and having a good time. Everyone was so generous. It was AWESOME!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coming to you live...

From my laptop on my…INTERNET! I'm so excited I can barely contain my joy.

Okay, we're contained.

Kids are in bed, sleeping away, dreaming of a mother that doesn't neglect them. No, not really. According to Cohen they're dreaming of nice monsters and of Larkin and Tasia. I'll take his word for that.

Home improvement is exciting, isn't it? This is where you all nod your head, while secretly loathing those two words: Home Improvement. They're like naughty words to some people.

We've picked out beautiful tile for our backsplash. Brett is…very artistic. Me not so much. Simplicity is key in my mind. Well, that's what I say. It's really just a lack of imagination on my part.

I've taken some pictures, but due to my technological ineptitude, they will have to wait until cutie-pie gets home from school tonight. But I'm excited to share!!!

Thanks for all your comments and sticking in there with me while I was out in the middle of the dead-zone, with no internet.

And now to go and read about a million posts and catch up on everyones lives! I almost had to start calling people and actually visit them. Yuck. Leave my house? No way. Blog-world here I come!

Kelly Out

Monday, March 23, 2009

A little Quicky


A little quicky. I'm getting good at these. (Don't be a pervo Brett.)

THE CABINETS ARE DONE! And they're absolutely beautiful. I don't mean that Brett and I are opening up a cabinet business or anything…In fact we'll never, EVER do that again. Ever.

We have a new toilet. A new toilet is an absolutely wonderful addition.

Cohen and Kembry are adorable. That's not new news though.

My sister-in-law, Carrie, and good friend Miss Tanya are about to have little babies. Sigh.

Um…writing is coming along, though not blog writing-obviously.

What have I been doing? My, how the time flies…

Anywho…one of these days we're going to bunker down and get the internet. Brett and I are still in the Stone Age: no cable, no internet, and its kind of nice. I can only imagine what kind of neglect would take place if I got the internet. Or cable. Or a puppy.

Just a few heads up:

  1. If I don't respond to your e-mail, it's because I haven't had my e-mail reading marathon for the month.
  2. If I do respond to your e-mail, only your name isn't Natasha and you're not reading "Abundance" and nothing about what I'm saying makes sense…I'm sorry. I've been sending e-mails to the WRONG PEOPLE in my urgency to send them at all. Quantity people, not quality. Haha.
  3. MAY 2ND. Liberty Park. Lupus Walk. Be there or be a total bummer-head-butt-doo-doo-face. Cohen's learning how to insult…it's kind of funny.

That is all.

Kelly out.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Underwear in 1884

Quick! While the children are tied down and the husband is doing…heaven knows what, I thought I'd drop a line and let the two of you know how I'm doing.

Good. I'm doing good. Thanks.

Life keeps going, the days pass by, and my children are STILL GROWING. Why do they do this to me? It's killing me.

Last night I went to a party where there just happened to be two little babies. It didn't surprise me that the look on my face was enough to have people asking, "So, you want more children then?"

Yes. Yes I do.

Brett and I stained the cabinet's themselves this weekend. Very, very exciting, I must say. They're a delicious cherry brown. I want to lick them, but Brett said that would probably put me in the hospital. Husbands: always trying to get out of a little work.

Half way through our hard work though, our sander's engine said "I quit!" and now we're without. Hopefully we'll be able to wrangle one up somewhere, because I can tell you this much, I will NOT be sanding by hand. This is why I was born in 1984 and not 1884. That and underwear. Have you seen the things those women had to wear? Yuck. No. Thank. You.

Kelly Out


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