Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

Technology has grabbed me by its wirey grasp and won't…let…me…go!

So what's new with you? I feel so separate from the world, not reading everyone's blog every day.

Life is still rocking and busy in our little world. Oh, I haven't blogged in a week eh? Well, let me fill you in (without pictures, so get your imaginations started…ready? Here we go!)

Brett and I decided…okay, no, that's all wrong. I decided one day to buy a new pantry door. Which, of course, then turned into "Let's redo all the cabinets." Don't ask. It's a serious problem I have, and I'm working on it. Not really.

Anyway, so I began the arduous, albeit fulfilling task of sanding each and every one of our cabinet doors and drawers. There are 24 doors and 10 drawers. It takes 1 ½ hours per regular sized door. We have two large doors. How long does it take Sally to get to the end of the street, if she passes Allen, and Jupiter is in its third rotation?

So, if you did the math, a lot of time has been spent breathing in saw dust. Lucky for me my wonderful father-in-law loaned me his "Harry Potter" on tape, and that has gotten me through. We're nearly there.

Also fun and exciting, weight loss! Can I get a Woot Woot from all the chubby ladies losing weight out there?

"Woot Woot!" Okay, I'm the only one. Thas coo. Weight loss is interesting in all its many varying facets. For example, I have an enabling husband. I love him dearly. He's perfect for me; which is why he bought me a box full of chocolate donuts. Sigh.

But he also says things like, "Honey, you may not be losing a lot of weight, but you're definitely losing inches!" This keeps me going. That, and that I feel wonderful and energized and excited to keep going. It'll be different when Tanya rejoins the world of the non-pregnant, and starts really kicking my butt. Man, I'm dreading May…

Also, I've been attending a really awesome writing class, and have learned so much. Reading is all new to me now. What? These words mean something? Sweeeet. It's also helped me along in my adventure to be creative. Something I'm not but wish I was.


The Walk for Lupus is coming up! May 2nd. And for the first time I've joined the volunteer ranks and would like to induce you all to go and take a look at their website. Lupus is a serious disease and threatens the lives of more people than you would imagine. 20,000 people in Utah alone suffer from this sad sickness, and there hasn't been a new medicine found in over 50 YEARS! That's way too long folks. So, the Utah Chapter for Lupus is holding its annual walk at Liberty Park. Go to this website: and learn all about what you can do to help change 50 years to zero! Plus, it's an excellent time to break out those walking shoes, and take a nice little spring stroll.

Alright, that's all the blubbering from me today.

Kelly Out

(Yes, I realize the title of this post has nothing to do with anything. I just miss that show. Don't you?)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Sigh Factor

I have a lot of friends who take losing weight more seriously than I do. Okay, maybe not more "seriously", considering I work out 6 days a week (have I mentioned I'm exhausted? I am!) Anywho…these lovely and intelligent ladies all do Weight Watchers. And I mostly just leech off of their knowledge. Things like, "Say, how many points would this be, if one were actually willing to pay for Weight Watchers?" And then oblige me. They're so enabling! Haha, don't stop though.

Anywho, my cousin and I were wisely partaking of some delicious Olive Garden, and I asked her, casually, "How is it you can eat Olive Garden while doing Weight Watchers?" And she added up the points for me and explained everything, and then she re-explained it as if talking to a five year old, because she basically was. But the most interesting, and important, and the POINT of all this babbling, is that she taught me about the "Sigh Factor."

Sigh Factor: When you're body is satisfied, and when you're satisfied (two different things for me!) you sigh subconsciously. It's pretty neat. Next time you're eating, listen, pay attention, you will see. You sigh. "Ahhh, that was yummy." And then, if you're like me, you keep eating, when really you're just supposed to STOP. This doesn't make sense to me, but whatever!

Well, I've decided that this Sigh Factor also applies to your womb. I mean, aside from the obvious "proverbial womb lurches" from the depths of your soul, I believe there is a Sigh Factor. Here are the symptoms:

  • You see a pregnant lady, and instead of backing away with disgust at the memories of the most horrible nine months of your life, you sigh.
  • You see a baby screaming in the grocery store, a red-faced, on-the-point-of-crying–from-exhaustion-and-frustration mother, and you sigh.
  • You cannot keep your hands off your best friend's belly (or complete strangers for that matter), despite the fact that every time the little guy jabs her in gut she screams in pain, and you sigh.
  • You get out the dusty baby clothes your three year old wore, try to figure out where that stain came from, and you sigh.
  • Last but not least, you begin emotionally blackmailing your husband by teaching your current children to say things like, "I want a little brother." And instead of backing away in fear at the look on his face, you sigh, because it's all worth it.

Brett said he doesn't believe in this theory. He also doesn't believe that I'm on the point of baby-blackmailing him, and just taking it into my own hands and having eight children injected into my womb. What? The government will pay for them.

So, thank you everyone for inviting me to your baby showers so I can sigh at all your cute pregnant bellies (and secretly covet them)!

'Tis the season, and it's raining babies, Hallalujah, it's raining babies, AMEN. Name that song.

(Hint: replace "babies" with "Men". Might make more sense…)

Kelly Out

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Day of Faith

Have you visited Sherrie Johnsons blog yet? No? Well, she gives a link to a lovely interview taken at Harvard about religion.

Take a moment and watch Rachel's excellent interview, then if you have time, watch some of the others. Very interesting.

Sometimes very simple, obvious things are not so very simple and obvious for me. The interviewer commented to Rachel that most of America doesn't know much about the Mormon religion. Although I knew very little to nothing until I was 14, this still came as an "Oh Duh!" moment. Living in Utah, life isn't very varied (say that three times fast) in that on every corner there is a Chapel, and on every other corner a Temple. Okay, not every other corner, but still, there aren't many peaks in Utah that you can stand on top of and not see a glorious Temple shining. What am I doing? Why am I not out about the world, proclaiming the Lords word and sharing this wonderful Gospel with my brothers and sisters? I've always said that I want to stay and raise my family in Utah, but now I'm questioning that. Seriously. And, as we've learned lately, for me to question something is a very serious process. The missionary fervor swelled up inside me as I watched this video. Rachel, I think, did an excellent job at representing and explaining our faith. I want to do the same!!

"Go ye into all the world; and unto whatsoever place ye cannot go ye shall send, that the tetimony may go from you into all the world unto every creature." D&C 84:62

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