Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coming to you live...

From my laptop on my…INTERNET! I'm so excited I can barely contain my joy.

Okay, we're contained.

Kids are in bed, sleeping away, dreaming of a mother that doesn't neglect them. No, not really. According to Cohen they're dreaming of nice monsters and of Larkin and Tasia. I'll take his word for that.

Home improvement is exciting, isn't it? This is where you all nod your head, while secretly loathing those two words: Home Improvement. They're like naughty words to some people.

We've picked out beautiful tile for our backsplash. Brett is…very artistic. Me not so much. Simplicity is key in my mind. Well, that's what I say. It's really just a lack of imagination on my part.

I've taken some pictures, but due to my technological ineptitude, they will have to wait until cutie-pie gets home from school tonight. But I'm excited to share!!!

Thanks for all your comments and sticking in there with me while I was out in the middle of the dead-zone, with no internet.

And now to go and read about a million posts and catch up on everyones lives! I almost had to start calling people and actually visit them. Yuck. Leave my house? No way. Blog-world here I come!

Kelly Out


Lynsie said...

I'm excited to see your pictures. There's so much I want to do to my house, but I get to nervous to even start projects because I'm totally clueless when it comes to home improvements.

Kimbie said...

At least you have a good reason for not blogging. Me, no not really. Miss you guys. Lets get together soon! Love ya

The Hancuff's said...

yay for home internet, and neglecting children!!!!!!!!!!!!

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