Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Even in his absence, his calling is fulfilled...

I wonder if people around the world know of what manner of man President Hinkcley was. He was Isaac, he was Moses, he was Paul, he was a prophet of God. He was a leader of Heavenly Fathers church in the last dispensation. Many people see a wonderful man dying, a leader of a growing church, a mortal man, just like everyone else. They dont' see a seer, a revelator, a beacon, leaving this world. I hope everyone who has a testimony of the gospel takes this opportunity to help people understand who it is that we've lost, and through him what we've gained.
What a wonderful and amazing man. His passing has brought the Church even more into view for so many people searching for Gods love. I have been blessed with many opportunities to talk about President Hinkcley, and each time these talks have led to sharing my testimony. Even in death, his mission of spreading the word of God is fulfilled. I'm grateful for all his love. For his strength in guiding us. What a marvelous reunion it must have been for him to return home. So many people say, "Oh, it's so sad." But it's a wonderful thing. We'll miss his wit, his love, his laugh, his charm, his testimony. But we know that death is not the end. What a happy day for him to return to his wife and loved ones, his friends, his Saviour. Thank you President Hinkcley, for being the man that led Heavenly Father's church.

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