Monday, September 03, 2012


How we spent our Labor Day.

"King of the Turtle!  Call me 'Tortuga'."

"King of the Turtle huh?  I'll call you nothing but a cab to take you away from my Turtle Island.  Call me Queen Tortisa!"

And then, of course, there's Chloe.  The stoic.

"My turtle."
At least Kembry is always ready and willing to pose.


 Ï feel pretty."

Öh so pretty."

Ëven when my toothless brother tries to ruin the picture."

Here she made this face because, and I quote, "Sometimes super models make this face, mom."

She can get away with it.  She's such a doll.

And then there's the stoic.

Ï will sit here like a lady, but I will not subject myself to the stereo types of the world.  If my sister chooses to focus on looks and looks alone, to dole out smiles whenever someone points a camera at her, that's fine.  That's her choice.  As for me and my standards, you  may take my picture, but that is for posterity.  And grandma."

"You can take my profile.  Profiles have been documented for centuries.  A profile picture is a perfectly respectable thing."

Älright.  One cat walk pose."

My kids.  Cohen isn't in most of these pictures because he was busy climbing to the top of the water fountain.  

The End

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Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

Your kids are so beautiful! All of them, even Cohen in a handsome toothless boy kind of way of course. And Kembry is oh so pretty, so so pretty. I just want to squish and cuddle that little Chloe. Those arms? Seriously, so cuddly. She looks like Kembry to me. So pretty,but still in a very cute "I'm still a baby" way. And Kian, is so precious. I'm so happy for you. And still so sad for me that you live more than 2 minutes away. Let's not talk about how much more than 2 minutes away it really is. I love you.

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