Monday, November 25, 2013

Why We Should ALL Be Grateful for Idiots

In today's world, it's not difficult to find things for which to be grateful.

My two walk in closets.

My beautiful home.  My mini-van.

My t.v.  My cell phone.

And of course, the other things I usually take for granted:

My healthy children.  My even tempered, hard working, faith building husband.

My church.  My beliefs.

But there's one very important thing I think we all take further than granted.  We take it to the other end of the scale.  We actually HATE them.


This season I'm working on my gratitude for all the idiots in the world.

I'm grateful for that idiot in front of me who leaves on his stupid blinker.  Will he turn, won't he?  Who knows!  But I do know one thing, I'm thankful for the reminder to make sure MY stupid blinker isn't on. Where would I be without these idiots?

I'm grateful for the moron who ran the red light and nearly side swiped me and my precious cargo.  I'm grateful to be reminded that no matter how late we're running, our lives and the lives of other drivers are never worth the luxury of being on time.

I'm grateful for the dumb people who over share everything and anything on public social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  I'm grateful that they remind me to hold still, contain my emotions and think through those hurtful and moronic words I'm typing up.  To subdue my passive aggressive tendencies and think to the future and not dwell in the present.  All because of their fine example.

Thanks dumb dumbs.

I'm grateful for all those myopic haters, those bigots, those brainless lemmings who follow blindly any and all wildly provocative ideal.  Because they remind me that one solution does not fit all; except for love.  That's a fabulous daily reminder.

I'm grateful for those stooges who try to shove their philosophy down my throat.  I get to be even more grateful for my own free agency; to know I don't have to follow anything anybody says, that I'm free to follow my conscience.

I'm even free to love the idiots.  What a world.  What a world.


What are YOU grateful for?

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