Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Strange Decision

I've always kept a written journal. 

The year I worked in the Family History Department at the Church Office Building, I really felt  an awe and a love for written experience.   I got to handle century old journal pages, histories, birth records, death records, etc., and it was a wonderful experience.  I really felt connected to the hands that carved those letters. 

But I hate writing.

My hand cramps, I go too slow for my own thoughts, I mispell and have to cross out, it gets sloppy.  Sometimes I cry and it smears the page.  Sometimes I completely skip words, and it's not like I can backspace or insert the word I missed.  And I'm pretty sure the people who read it will wonder if it was a 7 year old writing, my handwriting is that bad.

But all of this I think is what will possibly make it that much more special for my posterity to read. 

Then again I've really enjoyed keeping an electronic journal.  Like, REALLY liked it.  I don't have time, or the urge, to do both anymore. 

I'm torn.  What do you do?  Do you hand write, type, or both?  Or none of the above.  Do you beam thoughts into the sky where a gigantic database stores all your experiences.  That would be cool. 

Anywho, I really appreciate the suggestions. 

Kelly Torn
I mean Out


Loren and Jess said...

First of all, I love your blog. I used to keep up with a Journal until about 2 years ago maybe.... Yeah, I haven't even written about getting pregnant, Ethan coming into this world. Anything. And yet I always think about it. I've been keeping up my blog though so I've thought about printing out the individual blogs and sticking them in my journal. haha.

Carl and Steph said...

If you're already in the habit, I'd say keep writting them down. Who knows if the electronic records will be accessible over the next 100 years. Paper and pen have seemed to stand up pretty good through out time. I hear gold plates are very durable too. Maybe you could try some of those.

Kelly said...

Haha, golden plates. Steph, you crack me up. Though you bring to mind that it could be much worse!

Thanks Jess! I love having a blog, too. I'm planning on printing them out in a book as well, because even though it's not exactly like...a spiritual record of my life, it's still a really great day to day record.

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