Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I Do

This morning I spent an hour teaching a Veteran of the Civil War understand and find a font on his Microsoft Word program.

Mind you, I had to explain what the "mouse" was, when to "left" or "right" click, and where the backspace key on the keyboard was.

I also had to keep reminding him to stop "XING" out of the program every time he didn't like a font.  I.E. teaching him where the backspace button was.

Oh, and then I helped him download an updated version of Adobe.  Pretty easy?  Did I mention he was partially DEAF?  And doesn't know what Internet Explorer, a search bar, a or cursor is?

Please send any condolence cards and/or cash to my PO Box in Hades, across from the River Styx.

Thank you and good night.

Actually, I really like my  job.  I like helping old people.  I'm sick like that.  And I don't have to see their ear hair, so it's not so bad.

On the other hand, Time is playing tricks on me and making 4 a.m. come earlier and earlier every morning.  Stupid Time.

Now good night.  For realsy.

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