Friday, August 26, 2011

Old People Rock

Here's the thing about this heat.

Heat.  As in 114 degrees (and I realize this isn't even the hottest it gets here.)

It makes me tired.

It makes me angry.

It gives me migraines and dehydrates me.

It melts my flip-flops.

But it also draws all the old people of the world to it like me to Oreo cookies.  And those sweet old people think my grumpy young people are soooo cute.

I get all sorts of funny comments.  At the store, it's, "Ooooh, how much are they?  What aisle did you find them on?  Can I take them home with me?  Oh my, look t those eyes!"

At restaurants, it's, "We were watching you, and you're such a cute little family.  I remember when our kids were that little, enjoy it!  What sweet kids you have.  You have a beautiful family."

It's as if Heavenly Father knew this heat would drive young mothers into murderous insanity, and has given us the old people like a shot of ice cold perspective.

Still, I'd appreciate some rain.  Just sayin' =)


April said...

My grandparents are from Florida and when they moved out here my grandpa always said how he missed the warmth of Florida. Whenever I go to Florida I can't stand the humidity or heat... I just want to go back inside or walk around half-naked (which most people down there do anyway). I don't know what it is about old people and hot weather! But I'm glad they help you see things in perspective! I don't think I could handle Arizona heat, but on the bright side, at least it's not humid too!

Jess said...

This post deserves a smile. :) However, I'm still sad you're down there. But I'm so excited that you guys are coming up for a visit!!!

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