Friday, June 29, 2012

32 Million Weeks Pregnant!

I love when people ask when I'm due (like every forty five seconds.)  I tell them, "A week after never."  They laugh, I cry.  Typical for this time of the pregnancy, I think.

Size of Kian:  According to, Kian is the size of a squash.  I think he's about the size of a 40 pound toddler, but I'm biased.

Total Weight Gain:  Holding strong at 6 lbs gain.  HOWEVER, I feel much, much bigger.  I mean, I feel like I've gained 60 pounds.  I feel huge.  I feel fat.  I feel all jolly.  Ok, not really on the jolly part. 

Gender:  Still a fella.  Just got my little man a manly manly car seat cover.  I guess he probably doesn't want to be toting around in the pink one.  Boys.  Psht.

Movement:  It's getting slightly uncomfortable.  He loves my cervix, just like Chloe.  He's grinding whatever body part into it daily.  I love how I can feel his little limbs now.  I love pushing them down, and having him push them back.  I think we're playing.  He's probably just annoyed I keep moving him.  Mothers.

Sleep:  My doctor gave me Ambien and I hate it.  My problem isn't FALLING asleep, it's STAYING asleep.  Ambien knocks me out like a heavy weight loser, but I'm still up at 3 and 4 in the morning.  Only, if I take an Ambien, I'm exhausted the rest of the day. Sooo, I'm giving up on the idea of sleep for a few months. 

Symptoms:  Holy contractions batman.  I'm having them, or they're having me, I'm not sure what.  I'm on medication (for the contractions, not the schizophrenia) and most days it helps.  It makes me super dizzy and nauseas (it's blood pressure medicine, and I already have fairly low blood pressure, so you can imagine.) 

My house and my children are being effected badly, but I don't care, well, more like I can't care.  I'm thinking I may just need to hire a maid the day I hit 36 weeks 6 days.  She can get it all nice and clean and then I can happily go into labor.

I'm also having the usual: pelvic pain, acid reflux, headaches, dizziness, swelling.  My fingers and hands are falling asleep.  My wedding ring doesn't fit most days.  My lips and nose are swollen.  I feel like I have nine chins.

What I Miss:  Sleep.  Sleep.  Aaaaand sleep.  I should say I miss cleaning, but I don't.  I miss the house being clean.  I miss holding Chloe whenever I want.  I miss having lunch with my girlfriends without breaking out into contractions.

Cravings:  CHOCOLATE!

Best Moment of the Week:  I had to go in early because of my contractions, but I was comforted that I wasn't quite a "finger tip".  I love doctor lingo.  This is almost exactly where I was with Chloe.  By 35 weeks I should be a 2.  By August 2 I should be pushing this baby out.  Hahahahahaha!  All according to my will.  Psht, yeah right.  This kid will probably hold on until 42 weeks. 

That's ok.  He'll be here before I know it! 

Sibling Rivalry:  My prayers have been answered and my children are returning to normal-ish.  Well, possibly because I'm returning to normal-ish.  I feel a bit more normal now, anyway.  We'll see how long that lasts!

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genderist said...

I always want to drop-kick people who say, "You think you're tired now? Just wait until the baby comes; then you'll never sleep." Because you know what? It's certainly different sleep, but you end up being better rested.

That's when I started doing crossword puzzles. Games on my phone were too stimulating... but a few CW puzzles would put me out. That or I'd just close my eyes and tell myself that I don't really need to sleep, it's good for my body just to rest. (yeah right)

Have you thought about guided imagery? Want me to burn you a cd? Can't hurt - no hungover side effects. Email me if you want it.

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