Friday, June 29, 2012

Bestest Mom Ever

The other day I looked at Kembry and thought, "Sheesh, you are getting fat!"

Then I realized the outfit she was wearing was 4T.  She's nearly 6.  Such a sweet mother I am!

Soooo, I went on over to the Old Navy and purchased a billion shirts, some shorts, some shoes and a dress.  Spent a total of $60, it was awesome. 

When we got home I made her do a fashion show for me.  Turns out, 6T is waaaay too big.  So now I get to go and exchange a billion shirts and some shorts.  And poor Kembry was so excited to finally have clothes that fit.

Mother of the Year here.

1 comment:

genderist said...

Baby's clothes are getting too small, too. I really thought they'd last the summer. Guess not.

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