Friday, July 06, 2012

Here We Go Again

And breathe...

Well, I'm on bed rest.


I can't complain, though.  Shoot, I can do 3 1/2 weeks standing on my head.  But instead I'll do it lying in bed.

I rhyme all the time.

"Anyone want a peanut?"

My LEAST favorite thing about bed rest (WHAT?!  You mean there's something you DON'T like about bed rest?  Odd...) is asking people for help.

Since we're out in the middle of nowhere, and scorpions don't make great babysitters OR bbq, and because we keep killing them, we have to rely on other human beings to help us.


I hate asking for help.  It's so humbling.  Yuck.

Can't I...just walk down the street naked?  Now THAT would be humbling.  And terrifying.  For everyone.

I'm super grateful for all the help we've been offered.  By people that have families of their own to worry about.  Thank you thank you thank you.

So here's the low down on my being down...down...

A few weeks ago, I was having contractions.  I know, shocking.  So they did the usual tests, one of them being the fFN, which "predicts" (not very accurately) if a woman is likely to go into labor in the next two weeks.  I tested positive.

Two and a half weeks ago.

*Rolls Eyes*

However, testing positive also puts me at a higher risk for my membranes breaking.  And other stuff.

It all comes at a very convenient time, as I am having more and more painful and consistent contractions.  Just like with Chloe.  And I plan on using them, oh yes, just like with Chloe.  I will have this baby by August 2, as OB's everywhere are my witness.

In the meantime, I'll be doing a lot of reading, sleeping, crying...the usual bed rest entertainment.  Feel free to stop by and say Hi!  I can't promise I'll be wearing a bra...just saying...


The Finlinsons said...

Oh...sorry. Doesn't sound fun.

I wish I could come visit you...but its not looking promising anytime soon.


Tyson will be doing a rotation in Tuscan in September followed by a rotation in Mesa October. I'm going to visit him the 1st to the 21st where I'll be LARGELY prego. But perhaps we could arrange a visit.

De España said...

Good luck! I bet you look HOTT bra-less!

genderist said...

Sending prayers your way.

I'm bra-less this weekend in your honor.

Rachel said...

I'm so sorry! I was on bedrest with Naomi and it was HORRIBLE! No one understands this that hasn't been on bedrest. Although, I can't even truly empathize with you, because I dind't have other children. Asking for help is the worst.
In good news, you are hilarious and I laugh my head off when I read your blog.

P.S. I totally got your reference to the Princess Bride. :)

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