Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Longest. Day. Ever.

I thought yesterday was a long day.

And it was, don't get me wrong.  My kids just don't have as much fun with a mom who can't move without having a contraction.

As far as discomfort and bored kids goes, yesterday was a long day.  Cohen was in tears at the end of the day, he was so lonely and bored.  Ok, and exhausted.  Doing nothing can be very exhausting.

But today.  Sigh.  Today.

My little ones are at a sweet neighbors house.  They have boys Cohen's age, teenage girls for Kembry to play with, a loving, doting grandma for Chloe.  And bunnies.

I just can't compete with that!

They're in heaven while I'm...

I'm watching The Dick Van Dyke Show.  Down 32 episodes since bed rest.

Stalking Facebook.

Annoying my husband and family with an influx of emails.

Buying used Baby Suites ($20!  I'm so excited!).

I did my make up.  *GASP*

Did my hair.  *DOUBLE GASP*

And all I can think is...I wish my kids were here, being bored with me.  I need a Kembry hugs and a toothless Cohen smile and a Chloe scream of joy.  Like manna to my soul.

Boy I'm getting needy.

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