Wednesday, July 11, 2012

34 Weeks, Ma!

Hey there, little squash baby.

Size of Munchkin:  Kian is the size of a squash, and getting fatter every second.  I can't wait to pinch those chubby cheeks (while he's sleeping.  Wake up, dang it!  It's day time!)  JK.  I don't pinch my babies...nope, never...

Total Weight Gain:  I lost 2 pounds so I'm up 4.  Or something.  I've honestly lost track of the math at this point, and I can't remember my starting weight.  I should've asked.  But I just don't care anymore. 

Movement:  Things are getting snug.  Sometimes I think he's trying to attempt a double back hand spring, but to no avail.  Poor little guy gettin' all squished like a squash.

Sleep:  Has actually improved.  The Ambien and I have found a nice system that works for both of us.  I still get up 600 times to pee, and I still have contractions waking me up on occasion, but all in all, I'd say it's improved.  Which is awesome, considering most women at 34 weeks pregnant have sleep issues. 

Symptoms:  Well, I got smart and started taking Prilosec a few nights ago and WHOA!  What a difference.  I haven't had a Tums since I started the Prilosec.  Sometimes I wonder at how slow I am.

We went in to L&D Sunday night.  It only took two shots of terbutaline to stop the contractions, and I got to go home feeling like a tried and true crack addict.  That stuff is awful.  Holy moly.

I have PUPP, which I have never had.  Super itchy little bumps on my arms and hips and buttocks and the tops of my feet.  So far lotion and aquaphor have been a major help.  Also, cold showers. 

That's helped in other areas, too ;)

Annnnyway, most of the stuff is just par for the course.  Really sore pelvic floor, which is probably due a lot to having contractions and having my squash push down so hard on me.

I waddle. 

Messy house.  Symptom of bed rest.  Well, messy bedroom, mostly.  The RS President came and straightened up and vacuumed and cleaned my kitchen.  Bless her.

What I Miss:  Freedom.  Cleaning my own home.

It's really awkward having someone else clean your house while you just lay on the couch.

I asked her if she could please say things like, "Oh, honey, how can you let your house get so messy?"  so that I could pretend she was my mom ;)

Um, not being on pelvic rest.

That's right, I said it.

Cravings:  I have a serious lack of appetite.  Some days I've only eaten apple sauce and toast, with a bowl of cereal sprinkled in here and there (mini wheat's, my hemorrhoids champions), so when something strikes me as yummy, I try to make Brett jump on it as soon as possible.  So far only spaghetti and chili beans have really sounded good.  And chocolate.  Always chocolate.

Best Moment of the Week:  It's been a pretty relaxed week.  The kids go somewhere in the mornings until 1, and then come home and Chloe goes down for a nap.  It's been pretty monotonous around here.  Probably the best part was Brett getting to go to the Temple thanks to someone bringing in dinner and cleaning the house.  So grateful he got to go.

Sibling Rivalry:  The kids have been doing so well, getting along and not killing each other or driving me insane.  Kembry's medication is really helping, and her moodiness is starting to calm down.  After only less than a week, I'd say that's a freaking success! 

We do chore charts with them, and it's been so helpful.  Cohen changes the kitty litter and feeds him and it really encourages Kembry to eat all of her meal (yes, that is one of her chores.  Her medicine can be an appetite suppressant, so we're trying to keep her on track with meals.)  They have other chores, but I think it's just so cute that Cohen diligently cleans the kitty litter every day.  Mothers.  We're so easily impressed.

And Chloe continues being the perfect little angel she's always been.  She's my favorite.  Except that she doesn't give me enough kisses or hugs.  We'll have to work on that.  Maybe add that to her chore chart ;)


Hopefully we'll have a brand stinking new baby then ;)


I think Brett's nesting, but I can't tell if he's doing it to please me, or if he's just super cute.  Or both.  Cause both are cute.  He's cute.  Sigh.

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April said...

I always craved spaghetti while I was pregnant, too. I'm going to add to Eli's chore chart:

Smile and laugh.
Fart in public.

When he's capable, I'll had hugs and kisses and say "Mama, I love you!"

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