Monday, July 23, 2012

35 Weeks

So I'll be 36 weeks on Wednesday.  This post is a little over bad.

I blame being 35 weeks 3 days pregnant =)

Size of Baby Boy:  Muskrat is the size of a coconut.  About 18-19 inches at 5-6 pounds.  I still say he's going to be a big baby.  But then, it feels like he feels every inch of my torso, when really he doesn't.  I can breathe almost fine, he's not all up in my business.  Still, he feels hukamongous.

Total Weight Gain:  Up a pound.  I hope it all went to Kian.  He needs it more than I do ;)

Movement:  His movement has turned into that painful squirming.  The worst of it starts around 8 at night, of course, just when we're settling down and I can pretend to complain to Brett about the squid he impregnated me with, when really I love it (despite the slight discomfort.)  My belly sometimes does that whole lopsided look thing when he pushes his butt up.  So cute.

Sleep:  My sleep is yet again plagued by 50 million potty breaks during the night.  Thankfully the Ambien helps me pass right back out, so I really can't complain, other than I'm super sore in the morning from all the squirming out of bed I have to do at night.

Don't you love getting out of bed when you're a million weeks pregnant?  I feel like a circus act when I do it.

Symptoms:  My contractions are revving up.  And with them, my irritability and impatience.

I also had sugar in my urine for the first time ever.  Brett says this is not so, that I had sugar in my urine all the time with Chloe.  I kind of stared him down, like, "Boy, you crazy."  But he swears.  I don't remember that at all.

Speaking of sugar in my urine, I can feel a definite physical aversion to sugar.  Well, my body had an aversion to it.  Very depressing.  I've had to cut out almost all sugar just to feel slightly normal.  I promise I'll mention something this week to my doctor.  Heh.

Leaking.  Don't you just love all the nuances of pregnancy?  This is my fourth time around and I'm still going, "What the heck is this stuff?  This can't be normal?  Is this normal?  Honey, smell this."

Anxiety and excitement.  My friend is 2 weeks further along and I keep day dreaming about her having her baby more than I do my own.  I think I'm a wee bit wary of the pain of labor, but of course.  I remind myself all the time that epidurals do exist, they do, they do, they do.  And I get them.  And I love them.  And they're not as scary as they seem.

What's so scary about having a 50 inch needle shoved into your spine?

What I Miss:  Just not feeling so huge and achy and pregnant.  I miss sleeping on my belly.  I miss rolling over without changing the tide pull.  I miss my body.

Cravings:  I have zero appetite.  Even sugar sounds yeck to me, thank heavens.

Best Moment of the Week:  Um...I don't know.  It's been a pretty calm and lazy week.  I think my favorite day was when Kembry went to play with some cute little girls her own age.  She had so much fun.

Also, being naughty and getting out of the house.  My kids start school in a few weeks, like right after baby boy can "come".  All I could keep thinking is that my kids would be the only kids in the entire school to not have any of their supplies.  Not that Brett isn't perfectly capable of going alone, but getting him to go alone is a trial in and of itself.

So, to help me sleep at night, or to shut me up, which ever, he let me tag along to the store to get their school supplies.  Awwww.  I can breathe again.  Plus, it got the kids all excited for school to start!  Make that, it got us all excited for school to start.  Yay!

Not my favorite day: today.  Chloe learning how fun it is to slam doors repeatedly.

Sibling Rivalry:  My poor kids are definitely in serious need of R&R.  Too much being babysat by the tv and iPad.  We might have some friends over tomorrow, which I hope helps them regain some of their sanity.

Photograph:  That's right.  I hate pictures of myself, but I was sad looking back at all my posts about Chloe and having zero pictures.  So, here are some.  34 weeks, I think.


genderist said...

Hooray for pictures! (And that the end is in sight -- pun intended!)

Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

I LOVE those pictures!! You seriously look great, and to prove it I should post one of myself soon, and you can see how huge I am and how great you look :) ahhhhh I miss you! I so wish we could see these little boys in person instead of just through the vast space of the Internet. But I will take it! I hope he comes soon, as in next week! P.S. I have some news for you, you should text me!!

Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

P.P.S. Getting out of bed. So true. So hard. Circus act is very fitting, I also feel slightly like a whale when I roll over.

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