Saturday, July 07, 2012


Kembry started taking ADHD medication.

She talked for 74 hours straight today.

She cried because there are no pyramids in Arizona.  The only desert without pyramids.  The inhumanity!

And she just wasn't in the mood for most of went on today. it too soon to switch her medication?  Or possibly get something for mommy?

Like Xanax?  Or just an ax.  

Sometimes vodka sounds so appealing.


De España said...

That's one of the best e-cards I've seen yet! Hope things get better for Kembry and you!

genderist said...

Maybe I should have some vodka in your honor, too. Tempting... but no....

Fingers crossed that things kick in soon - and that pyramids suddenly appear, but not in your back yard.

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