Friday, July 27, 2012

36 Weeks

Size of Kian:  My little guy is the size of a honeydew?  If you say so...He feels like the size of a toddler.

Total Weight Gain:  9 pounds.  I gained 12 total with Chloe.  It should be fun how much I've gained by my next appointment on Wednesday.  I wonder if they'll be neck n' neck.

Movement:  Soooo fun and sooo uncomfortable.  He's found some nice little niches in my hips, and they're getting pretty sore.  I thought he had flipped himself around, and sure enough, he had.  We did an ultrasound to make sure he was head down, which he is, thank heavens, and he was completely backwards.  Guess what?  He flipped back last night.  How is this even possible at this point?

Sleep:  Last night was tricky.  Lots of contractions sprinkled with nausea.  My poor pelvic floor hurts so bad when I roll over.  I wake up all sore and achy.  But, I'm still getting a lot of sleep, more than I'll be getting in a few weeks, that's for sure.

Symptoms:  More and more cervical mucus.  You're welcome.  Dizziness, exhaustion, bouts of energy.  Nesting.  Sore pelvic floor.

What I Miss:  I can't remember what it's like not being pregnant.  That should be fun to experience again ;) I need to remember that this is such a short stint in life.  9 months.  Possibly my last pregnancy.  I should enjoy it.  Still...COME OUT ALREADY!

Cravings:  I still don't have much of an appetite.  But somehow I'm still gaining weight.  Again, I hope it's all going on him, because I don't think I'm going to wait until 40 weeks to fatten him up!

Doctors Appointment:  I'm at a 1 1/2 50% effaced and baby is NOT ENGAGED.  I repeat, NOT ENGAGED.  Although,  my doctor did his darndest to shove his arm up there to check.

He doesn't think we'll make it much further than 37 weeks.  I have no predictions at this point.  Last night was pretty intense, but I kept thinking, "They'll stop.  They always do." And they did.  A good five hours later.

Picture:  You didn't know beached whales wore pink shirts, did you?  And I can tell last night did some pushing down.  Pretty sure his floaty head is engaged at this point.


Lindsay said...

You look fabulous! And cute pictures in the background by the way! Wink wink. You're so close - can't wait to see little Kian!

Jess said...

You seriously look really great!

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