Saturday, February 02, 2013

Where We Been At

Neffy is back?

What the WHAT?

Well, we've been busy.  And by busy I mean...4 kids is A LOT more than 3.  You would think that it would just be 1 more kid...but it's really like 10 more.  No amount of math can account for the laundry, dishes and pure chaos.  

But when we're not folding clothes and hosing down muddy kids, we're having fun.

For instance...

We went to Utah back in December (is it really FEBRUARY?  Crazy.)

And since we and our entire extended family were particularly naughty this year, we had to forgo Santa and go straight to the Grinch.

He was absolutely terrifying!  It was awesome.

Why yes, these people are my family.  

And because they're adorable, here are some pictures of my beautiful children:

While in Utah we got to visit our besties.

I'm confused about this picture.  I don't know what they're all staring at and it's driving me crazy trying to remember!  I'll log it away with other things I don't where my car keys currently reside and why my cell phone refuses to stay charged.

This kid is seriously the best looking 3 year old.

And then we had just about the most awesome New Year's Eve EVER!

How can you not when you're partying with these "wild and cuh-razy" guys.

(P.S. Not a one of these pictures has been edited.  I love them in raw glory.  Ok...I'm lazy.)

My son is miserable because it's cold in Utah in the winter.  Which is why we moved to Arizona.  WHY ARE WE IN UTAH IN THE WINTER?  WHY DIDN'T THEY COME TO ARIZONA?  WHERE IT'S SUNNY AND WARM AND DELICIOUS?  These are questions to which we may never know the answers...

Yes, reader, I married him!  Yikes...creepy molester much?  Just kidding honey!  I love you.

I see my son is trying to emulate everything about his father.  Including his serial killer pose. 

We had some wicked Battleship games.  There were many deaths/few survivors.

Pretty sure this picture is self explanatory.  Kembry with a yellow nose.  Of course.

And I think Chloe is the perfect end to a long and boring post.  She just adds a splash of adorablness.  Which is a word.

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