Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Am I The Only One Who...

Have you ever heard of this thing called Pin-ter-est?

Ok, you have?  Have you ever heard of crack cocaine?

You get where I'm going with this?

So since we're all on the wagon, or off the wagon, or whichever indicates we're clearly addicted...Am I the only one who....

Doesn't pin something and just assumes that later I'll remember who pinned it.  And what it was.  And where it was pinned.

No?  Anyone?

What about...

You pin something and it takes longer than an nth of a second and you start to think, "Oh no.  Maybe it won't repin.  Maybe it will get rejected and I'll never be able to pin it and then I don't know what I'll do without a pin for how to clean microfiber couches?!!!!  Oh.  It pinned.  Approved!"

Or my favorite, that always makes me look inside myself, really get introspective...

I pin something.  Another friend pins the same thing...but from a different friend!  How dare they!  I pinned it first!  Me!  I pinned it!  Not HER!  She got it from ME!  And I got it from someone elses website...

Yeah, totally logical.

Oooh, oooh, what about getting annoyed when someone pins 7,986 quilt pictures.  And then you pin 7,645 crochet pictures.  Totally different when I do it.  Definitely ok, then.

Hmmm...what about when you're on a pinning high.

You know, you're really flying now.

Pinning left and right.

It's all good stuff today, man, all good stuff.

And then it hits you.  Like that time you took your newly paid off credit card to Target.  That's right, you've just pinned 145 pins!  Congratulations!  Everyone now knows you neglect your kids and have no life!!

Do you ever lie to your husband and tell him you just whipped up that recipe?

Do you ever hear yourself saying, "I have a pin for that."

Have you ever had a question and completely bypassed Google and went to your "Neat Tricks" board?

My name is Kelly and I have a Pinteresting problem.



Jess said...

haha Love it! :)

Rachel said...

Lol. You are so funny!

I haven't gotten into pinterest very much. Just when I have to throw a birthday party for one of offspring, and then I get REALLY stressed by how every other mother in the universe seems to be more creative than me, and then I click out of the webpage and don't return for a year...

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