Monday, March 04, 2013

The Big ONE-OH

Ten years ago today I married my best friend.

I love thinking about our courtship, and the 5 or 6 months leading up to this most perfect day.

The first night I met Brett, he asked me about my testimony.  That set the tone and resulting foundation for our relationship.  Ten years later, he still talks to me about my testimony, and shares his with me.  He's an amazing man, husband and father.

Those of you who had ten years in the pot, lost.

Pretty sure we're going to make it to Eternity.

So, ten years later we...

Have 4 kids.  I can't imagine my life without our kids.  Seriously, it's difficult to remember even not having Kian around.  I truly believe that families were in the pre-existence.  It feels as if we're that much more complete, now.  Like we've been waiting around for them, and now they're here.

We live in Arizona now!!  I love that we made the hard decision to move: it's made a huge difference.  We're more of a nuclear family than ever before, and that's important to me and Brett.

Ten years seems both like a long time, and not very much time at all.  Really, in the scheme of things, it's not that long.  But it's the longest commitment I've ever had!  My life really was in a waiting period until I got to marry him.  He's taught me so much.  There isn't a day that I'm not truly humbled and so grateful that he chose me to be his wife.  I know exactly how uniquely special I am that he picked me. 

Happy ten years to my favorite man.  I love you more than I can say!


Lindsay said...

Awww! Congrats! You two are amazing together. And you have such cute little kids, love em. Happy 10 years!!!

Jess said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys! You've been married almost twice as long as I have and you have double the kids I have. And we're the same age.... CRAZY! But I'm happy for you guys! That's an awesome milestone! I sure do miss you guys! And I love the family picture. :)

Akina's said...

yay! that's so awesome. congrats!!

De España said...

Congratulations on ten years! That is a long time to me!

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