Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Magnetic Airhead

Hello Friends.

Did you know that I'm a natural blonde?

And that I also have a magnetic personality.

No.  Literally.  I produce heavy magnetic waves that essentially effect all electronics around me.  Also, I'm a ditz.  You put those two things together and you're met with a lot of broken or lost cell phones, and posts that don't get posted.

My husbands blog, which is a lot more sciency and boring than mine (just kidding, hun!) automatically posts HIS posts for him.  So I thought, "Genius!  I shall do as much!"  This is how I think.

So I scheduled my Monday blogs to go out on Mondays.  And somehow, it did not happen.  I am only just now realizing this.

Anywhoooooooo...my son threw my cell phone into the toilet.

Why are two years olds sometimes jerks?  I mean, he looked right at me when he did it.  Like, "I'm going to throw this electronic time waster into the pot, where it belongs, and you're going to watch me do it.  And you're going to like it.  Got it, mother?!"  Cause that's how he thinks.  He's a ginger.  That's how Ginger's roll.

And now I can't call out.  Le sigh.  Whatev's.  You gotta make lemonade with broken cell phones, ya know??  So I'm gonna go and do just that.

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