Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Working Out and Expectations

Thanks to Alysea and David, I have to lose and unspecified amount of weight by August 8th.

Okay, it has nothing to do with Alysea and David. But congratulations on the engagement anyway!

So I've been working out a lot, and eating healthy…not a lot a lot, but better than before. It's hard!

But isn't it funny how after you've had a really good workout, and you're feeling grrrrreat and then you look in a mirror and you look the exact same? And somehow you were expecting to suddenly look fabulous?


Fine, it's only me.

Expectations are the devil. I'm just happy to lose an OUNCE these days. An ounce people. An ounce. And I've lost a couple of those. YAY!

Anyway, for the rest of you hooligans who were silly enough (like me) to attempt to make this the year of great weight loss…keep going! And stay away from mirrors. And pizza. And cheese bread. And pretty much anything that tastes delicious.

Kelly out.

1 comment:

The Hancuff's said...

kelly, seriously! don't ever talk about quiting junk food until I'm ready to as well. trust me, your life will be much easier if we both binge until i'm ready to whip us both into shape. how about the beginning of may?

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