Monday, January 11, 2010

Calling All Insomniacs

There are two types of insomniacs: those who can't get to sleep, and those who wake up earlier and earlier.  I fall under both catagories.

I don't think my poor husband can grasp this strange phenomena.  He says things like, "Just go to sleep."  Yes, I don't think he quite gets it.  That's okay, I still love him.

I used to take sleeping pills, but they gave me HORRIBLE nightmares.  Finally, I came to the conclusion that "quality sleep" is much more important than "quantity sleep".  Right now, I'd settle for quantity and call it good.

Everything is effected by lack of sleep.  Your emotions are more tender.  Your thoughts are slower.  Your moods are shiftier.  Your body is heavier. Your tempers shorter.  And the smallest of tasks loom over you like Mt. Everest.  And, especially for me, the nearer it gets to bed time, the crabbier you get, because you know you won't be enjoying that much needed slumber.

I haven't tried everything, I'm sure of it, but I certainly have tried a long list of things.  Melatonin.  Warm milk.  Bedtime scheduels.  Napping.  Not napping.  Reading.  Breathing exercises.  Sleeping pills.  No caffeine.  Valerian Root.  Unisom.  Tylenol PM.  Massage.  Witch craft.  Sacraficial ceremonies...

Is anyone out there in the world wide web that struggles with sleep, too?  What do you do?  And if you haven't found anything, how do you cope?  Are you seeing things?  Do you hear voices? 

My kingdom to the person who can cure my insomnia.

Disclosure: My Kingdom consists of a 3 and 4  year old, a space heater, a cute beanie, and a half made scarf.

Kelly Out


The Hancuff's said...

eeek! half made:) this i gotta see!

Jess said...

Oh wow! I'm so sorry. That sounds just horrible! I can't imagine. I hope you find something that works. Have you been to a sleep center and been monitored? I don't know that much about that but I heard they can help people like you. Oh man... I hope you find a way to fix that problem.

Lac said...

I'm with you, can't sleep, can't stay asleep if i get lucky enough to sleep, and I dream like a crazy person. So needless to say, sleep sucks!

Ryan & Hayley said...

Can I just copy this and put it on my blog as if I wrote it!?

I'm in the same boat!!!!

amanda said... the same problem except i usually just wake up several times at night. i even took some ambien once, still woke up a lot. so, i'm pretty much a druggie and take 2 tylenol PMs and 2 melatonin per night...and if i'm REALLY tired i try to take 3 tylenol PMs...sometimes it helps. also, i sleep with a lot of fans to block out house noises...that might not work for you since you have children and brett, but everyone makes fun of me for doing it, but it helps.

Anonymous said...

Try Suntheanine, the pure extract. That brand. I take it before bed time. Helps my mind relax and stay relaxed, so I can sleep.

Anonymous said...

I'm right with you on the waking up way too early. But I have found that a good way to at least get to sleep and have at least 5 good hours of sleep before you wake up is to have sex before you go to bed. Makes your husband happy too!

Unfourtunally I lost my husband several years ago, so no sleep for me. Hope it helps you, happy sleeping!

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