Sunday, January 31, 2010


1. the act of ventilating.

2. the state of being ventilated.

3. facilities or equipment for providing ventilation.

4. hormonal release; my husband thanks you.

Blogging, for me, is #3 all the way.  It is a facility or equipment for providing ventilation.  And you, poor reader, are the one who takes the proxy for my husband.  Aren't you lucky?

Even luckier for me is that the people I'm going to now vent about don't read my blog.  If it wasn't for the prospect of facing an eternity with me, they wouldn't know I exist at all.

Which brings me to the opening and bulk of my venitlation.

Let me ask you this: how hard is it to say hello to someone when they walk into a room?  Even if you loathe that person so that the thought of their insides turning scurvy brings you overwhelming joy.  Really?  I can even say hi to those people.

But what about a congratulations?  I am, afterall, carrying another adorable, perfect child.  I mean, these people should be throwing me a party for the gift I'm about to give them.  (I am in no way a biased mother, and am perfectly aware that everyone I know, will know, or will ever meet will think that my children are the perfect darlings they are =)  Hold for laughter...and go.

So anyway, to those people, who don't read my blog or say Hi or congratulations and walk out of the room when everyone else sings happy birthday to me (another vent for another post) I say pooh on you.  Pooh.  Big fat raspberry with lotsa slobber.  You suck.

Thank you.  And goodnight.


Nielsen Familia said...

what?? That's rude. I seriously do not like rude people. seriously.

Bethany Finlinson said...

Haha...I'm totally guilty. Mostly because I often don't know how to bring up conversation or I'm not very good at keeping conversation at times. I'm bad about that. Plus, honestly with all my blog friends I'd almost wonder if I'd recognize who they were if I saw them in real life because I'm only used to seeing little pictures of them online.

So, I'm sorry if I fit this category. But I do admit that I do feel that way sometimes too. What a hypocrite I am.

Kelly said...

Oh Bethany, you crack me like an egg! Please, you're one of the kindest people I know.

Anonymous said...'s me, b'cause I hate you...b'cause you're just so darn cute!
I totally love that you make comments on my blog! So, I'm returning the favor!
Oh, and super-congrats-but-I'm-glad-it's-not-me with the whole prego thing. :)

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