Friday, January 22, 2010

Princess Kembry, Ruler Of The Universe

You love to twirl and sing.  You put your dainty little hand on your chest and twirl and twirl, it is so precious!

You bat your eyes slowly, and put on a shy face, and then get anything and everything you want.

You worship your older brother, and he adores you; how can he not?

You have the funnest personality, and you're all about having a good time.

You are 110% girl.  You love dress up, make-up, nail polish, doing your hair, and flirting with boys.  You make me fear for my future, and Dad is thinking about buying some guns...

Everyone who meets you falls in love with you.

You're fascinated with the Temple, and keep telling us that one day you're going to marry Cohen in it. 

You give the best hugs and kisses.

It is impossible to be mad at you.

You tell me you love me all the time, and melt my heart.

You're not very interested in much aside from Princesses and girl things, but I think that will change when you start school next year!

You were the greatest surprise in the world.  Grandma bought a dress for you long before we knew you were a girl.  You love little babies, and one day will make the greatest big sister.  I'm so grateful to have you as my daughter. 

Everyone who meets you falls hopelessly in love.  It's the eyes...

Oh, PS, you're gorgeous.  Just beautiful.  How do you do it?

1 comment:

Bethany Finlinson said...

2 Things....

first, I love little girls and it makes me really hope I'm having another.

Second, your little girl really is SO INCREDIBLY ADORABLE. She's simply gorgeous.

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