Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Double Digits!

Size of baby:  According to, our baby is the size of a large prune.  This is so ironic to me.  Read on.

Total Weight Gain:  I haven't weighed myself this week.  But I wasn't sick for THREE WHOLE DAYS (it was wonderful) and I also didn't *EHEM* ya know, poop, for THREE WHOLE DAYS (and it's not been so wonderful) so I don't care what I weigh right now.

Maternity Clothes:  I felt validated when I read on that "you may or may not be wearing maternity clothes, but if you aren't, you may have noticed you're clothes are fitting uncomfortably tight."  That is so true.  All of the sudden everything is so snug around my waist.  I have to remind myself this is my FOURTH pregnancy and I've been stretched out, so it's totally normal to be digging through our storage unit searching for those maternity clothes.  I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  But probably by next week, I'll be wearing my favorite stretchy paints again *grin*

Gender: I'm still feeling boy.  All old wives tales point to girl, but I tend to be in the opposite of those.  For example, my uterus is really high.  I'm sick all the time.  I'm super emotional.  Normally, these signs would point to girl.  But I'm still feeling boy.

Movement:  I remember this with the last two pregnancy: the uterus jumps.  It feels like a baby kicking, but obviously it's not.  It's fun and it's gets me excited for my favorite part of pregnancy: quickening.  I love love that first little squirm.  Can't wait!

Sleep:  While my family visited over the weekend, I got great sleep.  Last night, after they left, I couldn't sleep.  It was horrible.  I want them back!!  They're my good sleep charm.

What I Miss:  Nothing really.  I'm getting a little bit more energy back and I had those wonderful three days where I wasn't horribly sick, so I think things are starting to look up!

Cravings:  MEAT!  I must need protein or human blood or something.  Not even a good ol' boiled egg is cutting it anymore.  I want a large slab of meat.  We went to Famous Daves for lunch, and I purposely ate a light sandwich before we went so I wouldn't gorge myself on meat.  It didn't work.

Symptoms:  I'm getting that achy uterus stretching.  I love it though, because I know it means little snapper is growing, and it gets me that much closer to not having to suck it in.  I've started having more headaches, but I have a fabulous medication for them.  My nausea is slowing down (minus last night and this morning) and I'm finally getting some energy back.  Yay!

Best Moment of the Week:  Seeing my dad and step-mom, step-sister and nephew.  It was so nice getting out of the house and being with family.  I loved having them over Sunday night.  We had a blast at the Zoo and it just felt like old times again.  But my most favorite part was a date night with Brett and waking up to zero kids in the house.  I think we all needed the break and we all feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to our regularly scheduled program without killing each other.  Always a good sign.

Appointments This Week: No appointments this week!  Though I may be calling in for some help with  my little constipation problem.  It's driving me nuts!

What I'm Looking Forward To:  I'm just gonna say it.  Pooping.  Also, I'm wondering if my doctor will want to do an 11 week ultrasound.  I think it would be awesome to see the baby again.

This Weeks Thoughts:  I'm a bit worried about Chloe.  She's so clingy and such a mama's girl.  But I'm reassured by the fact that she'll be 2 when this one is born, and will *crosses fingers* hopefully have grown out of the clingy stage.  Although, in the mean time, I love it.

Sibling Rivalry:  The kids are still super excited.  I need their excitement.  They fuel me and get me excited. I love it!

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April said...

Is it weird that reading this makes me miss being pregnant? I loved pregnancy and look forward to having another baby just because of the pregnancy part. I agree about the "quickening" - that is so fun. I never believe in the old wives tales either. I bet you're having a boy... can't wait til you find out!

Neff Family said...

I know what you mean April. I love being pregnant! But it gets even better knowing what comes after. The whole parent experience is wonderful and terrifying!!!

Kathy M said...

Ok the only thing I like being pregnant about is feeling them move inside me. I miss that. So sad I got my tubes tied.

genderist said...

Have you tried eating a bunch of prunes? Works for me!

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