Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Blow Torches and Tonsillectomy

I've been on a puking binge and my house directly reflects this.  Plus, I've had children home from school for two weeks...and my house directly reflects this.

It is amazing, absolutely shocking, how much mess a 5 and 6 year old can make in a few short hours.  Even if I wanted to follow them around picking up after them, which I don't, they tend to go in different directions.  So, if you've ever taken a physics class you should already know this, but it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO KEEP UP WITH THEIR MESSES.  I'd love to take a blow torch to the whole institution of house cleaning.  It's easy to vacuum up ash.

On the upside, day care, er, I mean school starts tomorrow.  Halla-freakin'-lujah.

Kembry does not go back to school tomorrow.

*Deflates happiness balloon*

She had her tonsils gently scalloped from her throat this morning.  And I have to say, IT WORKED!  I mean, c'mon, it's Kembry post surgery.  We should be hanging from the rafters in terror as she Tazmanian devils her way through the house.  But she's quiet and calm.  Slightly whiney, which was too-be-expected.

And plus, PLUS, she got up every time to go to the potty.  Let me back track...did I not mention that Kembry wets her bed?  At 5 and a half.  Her tonsils were so large that she wasn't getting enough oxygen to that mischievous little brain of hers, and therefore slept so deeply that she couldn't feel the sensation that she needed to potty.

Again, every time, under narcotics, she's gotten up to go pee pee.  I'd call that a complete success.  Totally worth the large $$$ amount we're shelling out, too.  Think of all we'll save on sanity, pull-ups, and laundry detergent.


Abbie Nelson said...

Just a HORRIBLE FYI...the worst pain is around 10-days...when the scabs come off. Beware! Bewaaaaare!

genderist said...

Don't panic. That's why they have ice cream. For you and her.

Sending good healing vibes your way.

The Hancuff's said...

i just read that comment about the scabs. yikes:/

i think you and i are the only ones who would love to blow up our mess of a house, except you might remember my method of choice...looney tunes TNT!!!

Neff Family said...

That's what gave me the idea Tan! Haha! I can't get my hands on any TNT, but maybe a blow torch...

momofthree said...

No Tanya, I feel the same way about my house. Clayton never had any issues with scabbing when his were removed. So crossing fingers for her and you. Kath

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