Monday, January 09, 2012

The Recovery of Kembry

Kembry is recovering.

We all are.

She has bouts of absolute "fineness" followed by screaming fits.

I feel bad and annoyed all at the same time.  "Use your words," I prompt her, but I only get more screams at my face. 

Cohen isn't as kind.  He's back to his old ways.  Terrorizing her every second he can.  A particularly rough teasing took place in the 2 minute drive from his school to the neighborhood market.  It was followed by with a "stern" talking to in front of strangers in the parking lot.

Don't ya just love those?

Tonight she's having night terrors.  This is following eating an undetermined amount of chewable melatonins.  It's not her fault, they do taste delicious.  I regret leaving them anywhere she may have found them.  But I don't regret the sleep she's getting, she needs it.

And her breath.  Her breath.  Her breath is death.  It's just awful.  Just awful.

Chloe is taking more and more steps, and this is so encouraging, I could cry.  She weighs like 34 pounds.  I can only take so much!

My life has been taken over by Kembry's recovery and another something, but I'll blog more about that tomorrow.  As for now, I'm watching a very light episode meant to make me laugh, and then passing out next to the best looking man in the house.  Psht, the whole neighborhood for that matter.

I know you're jealous.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about the dragon breath!! Oi, it's disgusting. Did they give you tylenol w/codeine syrup? We seriously had to watch the clock, and give it to him every time we could...even through the night. We would wake him up and give it to him. I hope she feels better soon. I promise, one day she will wake up and be fine. But, it does take 2 weeks. ((((((hugs))))))

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