Saturday, February 01, 2014

The One Where Brett Wants To Give Me A Lance Armstrong Bracelet

It's fun finally updating the blog.


It used to be so easy.  Oh well, here's another day in the life...

Before our fabulous Christmas vacation in sunny Utah *snort* I had an MRI on my back to get an update on my spinal stenosis (it's moving along quick awfully), when they found a cyst on my right ovary.


I've done cysts before.  Not too concerned.  So we went our way to Utah, froze ourselves nearly to death, or at least we tried, suffered miserably from the swine flu, and then made our way back to Utah.

Que cyst.

It burst.

I went to the E.R. to request euthanasia, they gave me morphine instead, so I settled down.  During the ultrasound to check and make sure the cyst had burst, they found a cystic teratoma on my left ovary.


So a little over a week ago I had to go under the knife yet again to have it removed.  Unfortunately, it had eaten away most of my ovary, so they took it and my tube, the thieves.

And so now Brett wants to give me a Lance Armstrong bracelet.  I feel a little lopsided, but not too upset.  Surgery is never fun, and the recovery wasn't great.  But at least I can still ovulate.

I rhymed!  I still got it!

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Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

I can't believe you lost your ovary, or rather had it taken from you! I'm glad you can still ovulate :) after my mom's first baby she had part or all of one ovary removed. She was so upset thinking she might not get to have the kids she always wanted...then she had 6 more on that 1 good faithful ovary. So there's that :)

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