Sunday, February 02, 2014

The One With Sulfur Burps

Today I have lysoled:

  • My entire bathroom
  • The kids entire bathroom
  • The changing table
  • The wipeys
  • The Aquaphor lid
  • The Aquaphor container
  • The diaper genie
  • Every door handle
  • Every sink handle
  • Every and any surface
The Neff House is under attack.  The Sulfur Burp Flu, or, The Aguado Flu, has hit us hard. 

Real hard.

It started with me, maybe.  It's hard to track it back.  The CDC would struggle with this one.

It hit me hard Friday night.  I have never thrown up so much, or done the...other thing so much.  And it was awful.  It was black.

And now my poor Kiki boo has it.  Break my heart.  His little belly is so bloated and hard and in between spouts of happiness is whining because he just doesn't know what is going on.  So sad.  

A picture for the grandparents.  Like kids and books, they only read blog posts with pictures ;)

1 comment:

Cheyenne and Seth and Co. said...

That stinks! Literally :) I couldn't resist. But really, I'm so sorry! But p.s. I love that your updating your blog!

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