Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Alt Title: Our Continuing Battle with Stuff

One of the hardest parts about eliminating stuff from our lives is getting rid of things that somehow, months and months later (to be read in "Goonies" style) I find that I really could've used some of that stuff.  Alas, the DI is kindly storing it until some unfortunate soul comes along to claim our discarded stuff.

One of these things, and please don't laugh, was an unused shower cap.  I bought this shower cap, ladies and gentlemen, with the pure intent to use it.  I am a bath taker.  I love baths, but I loathe getting my hair wet when I just washed it and it's all straight and not frizzy...clearly this is at odds with my love of baths.

So, I bought the shower cap, thinking, "Yes!  I will wear this when I bathe.  I will not get my hair wet, and the world of hair and bath can come together peacefully."

I lost it like forty seconds after I walked in the door.  I'm not even kidding.  So years later, when I was de-stuffing, I found it and asked myself the two questions I had assigned to the tedious task: "Have I thought about this item in the last year?  Have I used this item in the last month?"  And because I could honestly answer "no" to both, it went, amidst many sighs and groans that were also assigned to the tedious task.

And now, dang it, I'll be off to the store to buy another one.  The cycle of stuff continues.  I am ashamed.

ON THE PLUS SIZE, erm, I mean side, the other day Brett and I were threatening the kids with throwing away their toys if they didn't help clean their room.  Kembry didn't, soooooo, I did throw away some of her toys.  NOW WAIT!  I only threw away the crappy McDonalds trinkets, half eaten teddy bears, barbies missing limbs (1) etc. etc.  So, stuff in that department is slowly dwindling.  Of course, not as fast as it's accumulating.  I think their toys breed.  I look at some of these toys and think, "I don't know where you got this.  I don't remember ever seeing this.  What the heck is this?!" 

Kelly Out

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Anonymous said...

Ah..the battle of stuff. I have to do the McDonald's clear out at least twice a year. Some lady in town was looking for some of those Wizard of Oz toys...and I was mortified to be able to hand over an entire set...with multiples of many. Sigh.
Good luck!

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