Thursday, February 11, 2010


*I may get to go to Chicago with Brett for his second week there on business.  I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up.  We need to organize babysitters and housesitters and catsitters and micesitters...the cats said they're going on vacation if we are.

*I haven't been on vacation since October '08.  Two nights of bliss in Logan.  No kids.  No cleaning.  No Mt. Olympus size laundry piles.  Ahhh, sweet.

*Who is Kim Kardashian? 

*I don't have any kids today.  They're at a Valentines Day party at their old daycare.  I should be cleaning, doing Mt. Olympus size laundry piles, but I'm blogging instead. 

*Isn't the whole point of being pregnant that you don't have to have pre-menstrual symptoms?  No, I refuse to accept it.  I don't care what the book says, PMS and cramping should NOT be involved.  Period.  No pun intended.

*How do you sell stocks?  I mean, I guess if the babies on the t.v. can do it, I can, right? 

*Is a 9:45 a.m. nap allowable?  I'm going to say yes, and sign off!

Kelly Out

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The Hancuff's said...

i really don't know who kim kardashian is except that she's gorgeous and does amazing things with eye makeup...that's all that matters. oooo, vacation?!?! sounds good.

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