Monday, February 08, 2010

Kiddie Blips Worth A Post

Kembry: Will you marry me Cohen?
Cohen: No!
Kembry: But I'm a princess and-
Cohen: No!  I don't know who I'm gonna marry.  And you're my sister!

Cohen has this little ring I had when I was little.  I don't even know where he found it.  Anyway, yesterday Brett grabbed it from the car and said, "Cohen, here's your ring of power!" in a fun, mystic voice.

Cohen glared at him, snatched the ring, and said, "It's not a ring of power.  It's a ring of love."

Cohen has these Batman sunglasses that are really cool, I wish I had some.  He wears them everywhere, even church.  On Saturday, I was laying on Kembry and calling her my squishy pillow.  Cohen, facing away from me, turned just his head, lowered his sunglasses so I could see his eyes, flashed his dimples and said, "Do you want me to be your blanket?"

I think I peed a little from laughing so hard.  Just keepin' it real.

Sister Andrews had the CTR's make these really cute little "My Family" pictures, with one peice of chocolate for each family member.  The second we get home, Cohen unwraps them all and hands them out to each of us.  He's such a good sharer!  If it was me, I would've eaten them all myself!!

What can I say about Kembry?  She just twirls and sings.  She can ignore us better than any teenager.  Time-out has no effect on her (it's one of her many super-powers) and she can beat up her older brother.  Another super-power: the pouty-lip, teary-eyed, angel-face whenever she's in trouble.  I hate this face.  It's my kryptonite, and she knows it.

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