Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Someone said that they heard I was going to Chicago with Brett while he's there on business, and that this didn't sound like any fun.  This person doesn't have kids.  Nuff said.

I'm sooooo looking forward to taking a day to be completely lazy (just like at home!).  I'm going to sit by the pool, sit in the hot tub (quick! while I still can!) and possibly meander to the gym.  Maybe.  Who knows?  Who cares!  Ha!

No one will be asking me why the letter J is called that.  How am I supposed to answer that?

We're also taking a 5 hour trek to that historical and beautiful Nauvoo.  I get to go to the Nauvoo Temple.  This has me all sorts of excited. 

I'm not going to scream "Time-out!" even once.  I won't I won't I won't.

Here are some other things I'm going to do, without children...

  • Eat out for every meal.  No cooking.  No dishes.  No clean up.  And, thanks to CVS, half the bill.
  • Walk around downtown Chicago and do some much needed window shopping.  My eyes are way out of shape and my "want" list is much too short for safety.
  • Go to a Medievil Knights War.  Eat meat with my fingers.  Yes!
  • Stay up late.
  • Watch t.v.
  • Read, read, read.  Mark Twain, you're callin' my name ol' man.
  • Write?  Meh, I guess it depends if there will be internet available to distract me.
  • Sleep in.
  • Snuggle.  A lot.
And the list goes on.  Friday cannot come soon enough!!!

Kelly Out


Jenny said...


That sounds like so much fun! Enjoy it! :)

Tara said...

I'm so excited for you. You're going to have a blast. I hope you have tons of fun and enjoy the time just the two of you. Totally jealous!

Anonymous said...

*dreamy eyed* Sounds decadent.
Oi...baby just woke up...my blockstalking must be put on hold.

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