Thursday, April 14, 2011


So, I did go to Disneyland.  And I did have the greatest vacation ever.

But I can't find my camera chord, and a post about Disneyland without pictures is a blogging sin.

I'm not sure how many Hail Mary's I'd have to pop out to rectify it, so I'll just stay safe and tell you that, when it happens, you're gonna be blown away.  It was SUCH an awesome trip.

In fact, Disneyland should PAY me for this future post.  It's gonna make you wanna go.  You'll wonder why all of the sudden you want to sport round black ears.

Here are some bullets to give you a little taste:

  • Peter Pan was in love with Kembry.  It was both cool and creepy.
  • Fairy God Mothers in training are awesome.
  • My step-mom and dad are awesome.
  • Rain Forest Cafe: a little overrated, but they did have the yummiest tomato basil I've ever had.  I ordered it two days in a row.  
  • Brett actually said, "If I could do anything different, I would make more time for shopping."  And no, he wasn't being sarcastic, the stores were that cool.
Stay tuned.  Also, if you know where my camera chord is, please tell me.  Also, my phone, my glasses, and the left side of my brain.

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