Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Mothers Plight

Is it "Mother's" or "Mothers'"?  Where's Mr. Drake when I need him?

For some reasons unbeknownst to me, even though I'm the one who did it, I purchased Pop Tarts.

This may seem like a seemingly inconsequential thing, but its really become a thorn in my side.

For example, when should I let my kids eat these empty calorie filled pastries?  (If you can even call them pastries.  I mean, look at me, I know a good pastry when I see one, and then eat it.)

Because, it's not healthy enough for breakfast.  We like to start our day with something healthy: oatmeal, scamby eggs (I love "Cable Guy") French toast, pancakes, etc...something hot and filling.

So breakfast is out.

They're not healthy enough for a snack.  I need my snacks to last because I'm too lazy to get up and make them another one.

They're not enough for lunch, and certainly not a side for dinner.

So what's the point of the Pop Tart?

This is my life, ladies and gentlemen.  I sit here pondering the significance of a Pop Tart.

Brett and I used to have so much to talk about*.  Deep things.  Doctrine, politics, agriculture...maybe...and now it's Pop Tarts.

When I posted on FB about my awesome new fridge, a friend commented that my life is so totally far from hers.  And she was so right.

I'm not jealous of her life, nor do I think mine is better in any way.  Just different.  I watch my kids through exhausted, but pleased eyes, mess up a barely clean living room, and I'm happy.  Well, retrospectively happy.

I don't miss late nights, I don't miss dating (I married the man of my dreams, c'mon)  I guess I miss my figure...but we all must sacrifice a little.  Oh, and my brain, I miss my brain.

This is the plight of a mother.  Giving up and gaining unmeasurable things.  And trying to figure out what to do with 3 boxes of Pop Tarts.

And hoarding Oreo's.

*I guess this isn't true, as I think about it.  We still talk about "deep" and interesting things.  He makes me.  I just have to laugh that the one thing "on my mind", that I'm actually thinking about, is when to feed the kids Pop Tarts.

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