Monday, October 17, 2011

The Amazing Dry Erase Marker

So, say, perchance, you have a feisty five year old.

And let's say you also have a nifty dry erase board.

(Good combo, right?)

Now, let's say that feisty five year old, out of no small amount of malice, took a permanent marker to your nifty dry erase board.

Nifty Dry Erase Board

Of course you would calmly react. (That's me up there, calmly reacting.) You would pat her no her head an call her a little scamp then give her some candy.

And after she ate her yummy candy, let's say she went back to your now destroyed nifty dry erase board and...colored over the permanent marker with dry erase marker.

Now since all of this has just happened by chance, let's say, by chance, you go over and erase the newly colored-on dry erase marker from the permanent marker.

Do you know what would happen?

Do you believe in miracles by accident?


Say whaaaaat?


Go, spread the good news from every corner of the world.  Permanent marker is no longer the enemy of the dry erase board!


April said...

Awesome! Handy trick to know even though I don't currently own a dry-erase board. I don't really believe you gave her candy, though.

Jess said...

wow! Great to know! thanks for sharing!

Lindsay said...

Really? Awesome! Good to know! Hope all is well with the Arizonian Neff family!

genderist said...

Yes! I've heard that before. Good to know!

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