Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Welcome Technology, I Embrace You Now

So I totally love that my kids school does it electronic style.

I get everything through e-mail (with the exception of Cohen's teacher, sigh.)

I used to be super anti-technology.  Let me hold the paper in my hand!  Let me tack it to my burgeoning refrigerator door!  Let me have paper!

Now, with two workin' the grind, I have paper coming out of my ears!  Homework, school work, fundraisers, pictures, notes, calendars...KILL ME!

Kembry starting school was a real surprise to us all.  She took an early entrance exam and passed!  I just didn't plan on all the organizing and remembering I would now have to do.  They should give the parents an early entrance exam, because I was NOT PREPARED!!

But Kembry's teacher does everything electronically.  Reminders every day, which I need.  Class newsletter in my email box, not my refrigerator door where, let's face it, I would never see it.  She even does event organizing through e-mail.  She also wears high heels every day to school, resulting in Kembry wanting to wear her church shoes every day to school.  She's a real cute teacher.

Anywho...if you're on the cusp, not quite sure you want to make that jump from paper to e-mail, let me push you off.  Because technology rocks baby!!

Mrs. Douglas *tap tap* would ya mind?  For the sanity of all us mothers just trying to do our best?  For our refrigerator doors who are hanging on those weakening hinges?  FOR THE SANITY OF ANY PARENT WHO HAS TO SCHEDULE TWO PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES ON THE SAME DAY???

Thank you and good night.

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The Hancuff's said...

i'd been wondering about kembry and school and all the deadlines and stuff and how it went. sounds like it going good aside from all the business it creates for you. wish Larkin's teacher would do that.

P.S. I totally dropped the ball on that sticker club thing. I probably won't end up doing it...sorry:(

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