Thursday, November 12, 2009

I don't wanna get outta bed, Ma

Most days I try real hard to do something fun and interesting with my little wards.  Like taking a trip around the world in a hot air balloon, dancing with Prince Eric himself, and teaching them to fly or know, the usual educational stuff.

But on days that I'm functioning with little-to-no-sleep, like today, I have a hard time thinking past "couch".

And so today, I'm so grateful for my little wards, feeling in simpatico with their mama.  Bless their lazy little hearts.

On an entirely seperate note...would you look at this hair?  This boy has a vice on my heart.  Woa betide the poor woman who takes away my baby.

Kelly Out
And off to bed
Not really, I have to be awake and make sure Kembry doesn't stab herself...again. 

1 comment:

Jess said...

Sooo cute! I love that hair! And lazy days are totally good every once in a while. :)

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