Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My daughter and a knife: a tragic love story

My inbox is breathing a little deeper this evening.  I've emptied it of more than four months worth of content.  It helped that I finally wised up and cancelled all "Facebook Updates".  What a curse!

New Years Resolution: check e-mail box once a day, not once a month.

Now on to the bulk of the post, "My daughter and a knife, a tragic love story"

Kembry, 3, is (was) madly obsessed with knives.  I was thinking machete for Christmas, but now perhaps that's not such a good idea, as she has promised me, her dad, our doctor, all of her grandparents, and random people at McDonalds, that she will never, EVER play with knives again.

The girl has been humbled.  Her love relinquished.  No George Wickam for my little Georgiana. 

Around 7 a.m. Kembry got it into her little stubborn mind that she wanted, nay, needed some candy.  So, being the resourceful little scamp that she is, she grabbed her trusty slicer (a very sharp kitchen knife) and proceeded to take on the candy wrapper.  I'd say the wrapper won.

She sliced the tip of her left index finger.  Brett, having trained me to remain calm in any and all bloody circumstances, rinsed her finger, and bandaged her up.  A few minutes later, mommy enters, and has to re-bandage.  She's already bled through.  Well, it's 8 a.m. now, and we're dancing around taking her to the doctors or just letting it heal.  Calm as I was, I went with the doctors.

And a good thing too.  He pulled the band-aid off, pulled her finger, and out came not only blood, but fatty tissue.  Kembry went pale and limp, and I nearly wisked her away to the emergency room, demanding morphine for her, and possibly a drip for me as well.

Our doctor, being trained in such matters, left to gather the stitching tools and material, when he had a second thought.  So, instead of poking her right into her fresh, fatty tissue wound, and injecting her with stinging, pain-numbing medicine, he butterfly wrapped two of her fingers together, and sent me on my way.

Now I have a 3 year old, terrified of knives (thank heavens) who is supposed to keep two of her left fingers bandaged for 10 days.

Pray for me.
Pray for me now.
This will call for a miracle of epic proportions.

Kelly Out


Tara said...

I love the way you write. I also love the stories. Poor girl though, I hope it heals soon.

Jennifer said...

Owie! Way to stay calm. I wonder what I'll do when I am in these situations?

Jess said...

oh wow!!! scary!! Good thing it was just her finger. Oweee!!

Kelly said...

I know, Jess! We feel so grateful that she learned the knife lesson in this small way. It could've been so much worse!!!

Kimbie said...

Dang.... poor thing. I'm glad Kembry is okay! Kaiyenna has been talking about her lately! We ned to get together!!!! Love you and miss you.

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