Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Conversations With Cohen

We had the most wonderful Christmas.

It contained, of course, presents, food, candy, candy, candy, family and a lot of driving.

My favorite moment this Christmas Season '09 was Cohen's...we'll say understanding of what Christmas really is.  Our conversation went something like this:

Moi "Do you remember what Christmas is about?"
Moi " you remember why we get and give presents?"
Cohen "Because if we're good then Santa brings them!"
Moi, a little nervous that I'm failing as a good Christian mother, "Um...but why does Santa bring us presents?"
Cohen, in the attitude that he's speaking to an ant who knows nothing (I am the ant) "Because it's Christs birthday and people gave him presents and so we celebrate his birth which means being born."

Few.  Close one. 

Hope you had a few close ones this year.   Here's to trusting our teaching and our children in 2010!

Happy New Year (soon...)

Kelly Out

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