Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shelves in the closet; happy thought indeed

Some happy thoughts =)

  • My four year old son, Cohen, calls fortune cookies "information cookies".
  • While watching a preview of E.T., that same four year old said, "This is called 'Scary  monsters with long necks.'" 
  • My daughter put all of her colored band-aids on her fingers, then twirled around singing.  It made my day.
  • After reading above mentioned daughters fortune, which said, "Take that chance you've been considering", she squeeled, "Thanks mom!  I will!"  I'm very, very nervous.
  • Our car is fixed.
  • Our heater is fixed.
  • My hand is fixed.
  • My childrens idea of a "GREAT TREAT" is Panda Express with spicy chicken, and "Chop stiiiiiiiiicks".  That's my idea of a great treat, too.
  • I love eating with chopsticks, even if I'm not really good at it.
  • It's December 16th.
  • Anthony Hopkinhs narrates "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".  I think that's ironically hilarious.
  • Murray December 16th!
Kelly Out

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