Monday, December 21, 2009

Still Learning...

(Christmas spoilers!  If you're still a Santa Believer, please don't read =)

I've been a mommy for four Christmas's now, and well, I still just don't have the hang of it.

I had Brett hang up our stockings over the fireplace with care, and then I stuffed them full of presents and goodies.  Brett exclaimed (yes, exclaimed) "Wait!  You're not supposed to do that 'til Christmas Eve!"

Now where did I put that rule book...?

Brett's mom has an amazing talent of making Christmas magical and fun.  They had wonderful traditions, one that I'm going to adopt this year is wrapping the big present from Santa in special wrapping paper, and putting it out after kiddies have gone to bed to dream of sugar plums and what not. 

One year she made ornaments out of candy.  They didn't last long.

But every year, ALL of us get stockings full of candy, toys, gifts, treats, goodies, and everything else you can think of.  The stocking is a Christmas celebration in and of itself!

I love Marilyn.  I'm 25, and I still get excited for Christmas morning!

My ultimate question here, is what do you do?  Do you have any fun traditions, because I need to start some for our funky family.  Do you hang the stockings up, full, before XmasEve?  Is your Christmas tree bare underneath until XmasMorn?  Do you read stories the night before?  Wear fun pajamas the day of?  Go out to a movie or breakfast?  Drive all over the valley and fill up the gas tank twice?

Happy, Merry, Exciting December 21st!

Kelly Out (to do a bit more shopping.  I'm pathetic, I know!)


Nielsen Familia said...

Stockings are one of my favorite parts of Christmas also! We always make sure to go all out and have a budget just for stockings. We fill them Christmas Eve.

Nini said...

Have you ever seen the movie.. Disney Prep and Landing?? Well if not its about the Elves that help everything go smooth for Santa's arrival. They make sure the kids are asleep and the cookies are just right and of course that there is enough room under the tree for the gifts... I love this movie because we have our own "Santa's Helper" named Riley Jr. and every year "Riley" writes our family a letter.. he tries really hard to write it perfect but his handwriting is like a toddler his letters are sometimes written backwords and not all the words are spelled correctly, but he tries really hard to make it legible. It is always a letter that gives an update on the family from over the year. After Santa eats the cookies Riley Jr. leaves his letter by the empty plate of crumbs.

This is a tradition started by Dougs family and since as you know.. I was the GREATEST ELF ever!! I absolutly loved the tradition!

Alysea said...

My family Christmas traditions consist of my dad always always giving us stockings with lots of candy, a yo yo and marbles. Every year for as long as I can remember my dad has put marbles and a yo yo in our stockings. This is the first year I haven't gotten marbles! He couldn't find any!

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