Monday, December 28, 2009

A Tag For The Nostalgic

Can you think of five?  I had a hard time...good luck =)
Smells of Childhood...
Fried potatoes and Top Ramen with lots of Season Salt
Smoke (yuck)
Nail polish

Words from High School...
Biddy Curls (what we called a boy my friend had a crush on)
Ooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaah.  That was big when I was in HS.
What period?  3rd.  Crap.  Test?  Yes.  Dang it!
FBLA, DECA, Debate, Nerd...

Sounds of College Life...
Lots of late night laughing with my roommate
The click-click-click of the NEW thing called "texting".  Heard of it?
Lip smacking.
Air Hockey at Institute
Late night door knocking

Memories from Yesterday...
Cohen and Kembry whispering in church
Scripture pages turning (I really love that sound)
Lots of laughing with the Neff Family at Sunday Dinner
Brett and Cohen putting together Leggo's.  So cute.
Guitar Hero.  Sigh.  I have a problem.

Future Daydreams...
FINISHED!  (all for different things too =)
Two cars again...
A dog!

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