Thursday, December 17, 2009

For Every High There Is A Low..

For every two there is a fro...haha, I love "Sword in the Stone"!

Anyway, planning for my Relief Society Lesson has been a trial in and of itself, let alone all the walls tumbling down around us.  But I stumbled upon one that had my heart pitter-patting.  It is called a "Silent Lesson".

The first words out of Bretts mouth were, "So, you got lazy on this one."

Ahh Brett, you dufus.  No, in fact it's proving to be more work than even a regular lesson would be.  But what I LOVE LOVE about it is that it is meant to bring in the Spirit of Chrismtas.  I.E. The Spirit of Christ.  I.E. Bring your tissue papers, sisters, cause this one's gonna knock yer festive little socks right off!  And I don't have to say a single word the whole time!  YES!!!

Merry December 18th!

Kelly Out

1 comment:

The Hancuff's said...

i must know more since i'm not gonna be there:(

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