Friday, November 11, 2011

Gratitude Day 9, 10 & 11 and 12, Why Not?

I have a lot I'm grateful for, but I also still have a broken finger.  So until next Wednesday and possibly a week or two of physical therapy, my posts will be short and sweet...and mildly crazy.  Possibly a lot of mistyped words.

I'm grateful today for morning prayers.  I love how they set the mood for the day.  I love laying down and going to sleep with the Spirit, but I love even more going through my day with the Spirit.

I'm grateful that I have funny children.  I love that they have a sense of humor, because I think that's super important in this day and age.  I'm grateful that my family and I know how to laugh at ourselves.

I'm grateful for the energy I've been blessed with recently.  Despite being sick, run down and burnt out, I've managed to stay upbeat.  I even managed to clean yesterday.  Cohen's response, "Wow, you're cleaning finally.  Good for you!"  (Please see "Sense of Humor" section of this post.)

Finally, I'm thankful for years and years of past posts.  I've gone through and read some, and was reminded about other "hard times" I've gone through, and it definitely buoyed up my resolve to endure to the end.  I really feel that was a special blessing from my Heavenly Father to remind me that I've been through hard times before, and I survived.  So did all my kids.  Really, a miracle in and of itself =)

I'm looking forward to being able to do my hair again, bathe the children, do the dishes and change a diaper without it being this huge production.  I'm looking forward to washing my right hand again!  Here's to next Wednesday and healed fractures!

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